Google Ads campaign setup

560 € + PDV / one time

Service includes:

  • Keywords research
  • Creating ad copy
  • Defining optimal geolocation and other campaign parameters
  • Defining performance indicators (conversion/reservation/query)
  • Creating conversion tracking codes
  • Creating other codes (remarketing)

Google Ads campaign management

400 € + 12.5% budget + PDV / monthly

  • Keywords research and optimization
  • Creating and optimization ad copy
  • Defining optimal geolocation and other campaign parameters
  • Tracking campaign effects with Google Analytics (we need to have access if it's implemented on the website)
  • Measuring, defining, and redefining performance indicators
  • Creating conversion tracking codes
  • Creating and tracking remarketing campaigns
  • Monthly report
  • Adding new keywords in campaign
  • Optimizing campaigns parameters according to selected performance indicators
  • Variable fee is calculated based on 12.5% of the total estimated monthly budget for costs of clicks in the AdWords system

Google Ads Account Audit

starting from 660 € + PDV / one time*

*Estimate - the final is based on the Google Ads Account complexity

Google Ads Account Audit includes:

  • Google Ads Account structure
  • Account GEO settings
  • Account targeting methods
  • Device targeting and type of licitation
  • Campaign types and ad networks
  • Impression share for all available elements
  • Budget analysis
  • Ad Optimization
  • Ad Type analysis
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Extensions
  • Change History (frequency and change types)
  • Keywords and Keyword Match type usage
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Interaction / CTR Rates
  • Conversions
  • Experiment Analysis
  • Audience Analysis (1st party and Google Audiences)
  • Behavioral Metrics (Ads generated traffic)
  • Advanced auction and ad setup (Customizers, Dynamic KW insertion, SDC)
  • Automated rules and Ad Scripts

Consulting (Google Ads, Analytics and other Google Tools**)

50 - 80 € per hour + PDV / one time

** Google Trends, Google Search Console, Market Finder, Tag Manager


Ad accounts and all other Google related accounts to the service are all considered to be fully owned by the Client whereas all permissions can be transferred per request after all invoices have been fully covered.

For a more detailed pricing, terms and service scope overview feel free to contact us.

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